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Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.

*Your mileage may vary. Some quotes are puns, or require historical or technical literacy to appreciate. If you miss the humor, please re-read the Internet and then try again.


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Journey to Beta Ceti score: 22 of 100 captain_boarding

True to his word, the Captain of the Belvedere meets you in the transporter room, loaded for bear. In addition to a truly massive tripod-mounted phaser, he carries several acoustic grenades, flash explosives, and a large hand phaser. Rambo would be proud.

The bulk of the boarding party is armed with shoulder phasers and flash grenades, and the first group steps onto the transporter. The Belvedere's captain grins and flashes you a thumbs up. The transporter engages... and they are gone, quickly replaced by reinforcements. You return hurriedly to the bridge.

As reports filter back in, you hear explosions and phaser fire; the alien crew was apparently not as damaged as the ship. Nevertheless, they are no match for top-flight Federation personnel, and the alien's bridge is quickly secured.

You notice Spock staring intently at his workstation when three things happen almost simultaneously.

Spock: "Captain, I am detecting an unusual energy..."

Belvedere's Captain (over the communicator): "My God, you'll never believe this, but every bloody alien on the bridge has..."

The viewscreen's dimmer engages rapidly as the alien vessel blossoms into a tremendous fireball. Wreckage streams past the Enterprise as the crew reacts.

"Extend the shields around the Belvedere! Mr. Sulu, arm phasers and destroy any wreckage which threatens..."

The Belvedere, apparently struck by a small piece of wreckage in an already weakened bulkhead, gracefully explodes. A brief display of fireworks erupt as wreckage from the two ships collide.

Spock: "The energy source was apparently their self-destruct unit. I am detecting no life-forms in the wreckage. I am sorry, Captain."

You proceed to Beta Ceti Three with those rescued from the ill-fated Belvedere; your mission there is a success despite your delay, and Starfleet Command commends you on a job well-done. As you resume routine, however, one small question still nags the back of your mind: What was it that every bloody alien on the bridge had?

== THE END ==

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