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Jamie 2 - Exploring the Yard high_weeds

Jamie slowly crawled into the high weeds and began to look around. Several insects, startled at her intrusion, flittered and buzzed into the air. She heard crickets chirping nearby, calling for friends to join their party. And she heard talking - not people talk, but rodent talk. Jamie crept forward.

Just ahead of her, in the tall grass, was a little clump of dried grass. Jamie carefully looked inside, and saw four little baby mice, softly discussing the great big world into which they had been born. The largest was grey, with short whiskers and a nose that wiggled when she talked. Another was light grey, almost white, with very small eyes that darted back and forth as if searching for something or someone. The third was also light grey, with dark grey splotches that made her look dirty. She looked sleepy. The fourth, much smaller than the rest, was darker grey with a large black patch of fur between his ears. Jamie almost laughed, for he looked like he was wearing one of Lucy's father's hats. Jamie stood perfectly still, for she didn't want them to know she was listening.

"No, no, Fredrick, the world can't be THAT big!" said the largest grey mouse. "Why on earth would God make a world so big that I could never explore it all? That wouldn't make sense!"

"But Emily," argued the second, "maybe we aren't the only mouse family in the world. Maybe other mice live here too. Why, God could have put lots of mice here. Dozens, maybe!"

"Now why would He do that," Fredrick countered. "What would God need with dozens of mice? You're so silly sometimes."

"I don't see what difference it makes," the third mouse pouted. "What matters is that we're here, and Mom and Dad aren't. And I'm hungry."

"Yeah," agreed the little mouse with the hat.

Just then, a shadow fell over the mouse nest. Jamie looked up and saw Mittens coming toward the patch of weeds, her ears perked and nose sniffing. "Oh, no!" thought Jamie. "She hears the baby mice!"

Whisper to the baby mice to keep quiet.

Run past Mittens so that she won't notice the mice.

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