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Jamie - A Children's Adventure eat

Jamie picked up a pellet and nibbled on it; it tasted a little bit like the mint candy that Lucy had given her once as a treat. As Jamie enjoyed her treat she noticed that the rain sound had stopped, and that someone was moving about in the bathroom.

Feeling a little dizzy, Jamie dropped the pellet and stepped back. Quite without warning she fell over backward and tumbled out of the cabinet - right at Lucy's mother's feet!

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!" screeched Lucy's mother, then "Oh, Jamie, you SCARED me. What are you doing out of your cage?" Jamie tried to run back to her cage, but she couldn't get her feet to work right. They kept getting tangled up, and tripping her onto her face.

Lucy's Mom must have noticed that something was wrong, because Jamie heard her call "Luuuuuuucy!!!". She barely heard Lucy running into the bathroom before her eyes closed and she fell into a terribly deep sleep.

Jamie woke up back in her cage, feeling simply awful. What in the world had happened to her? How did she get back into her cage?

Lucy expained it all later as she held Jamie in her hands and scratched her behind the ears. "You are a foolish little gerbil, Jamie - you could have died! That green pellet you ate was medicine for people, not food for a gerbil. The pet doctor said that if you had taken a few more bites, you might not have ever woke back up!"

Jamie felt terribly sorry for what she had done. She vowed that she would never again eat anything that wasn't provided by someone she could trust. And she would NEVER, EVER, EVER eat something from the cabinet in the bathroom, no matter HOW good it smelled!

== THE END ==

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