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If you jump off a Paris bridge, you are in Seine.

*Your mileage may vary. Some quotes are puns, or require historical or technical literacy to appreciate. If you miss the humor, please re-read the Internet and then try again.


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Shadow Flight 1: Haunted House score: 1 of 30 knife

"Bet that knife won't hurt a ghost!" He meant it as a joke, of course, but you know he's right. IF a ghost really haunts that old house. If not, the knife could be very effective indeed.

"OK, that's two. We'll walk with you up close to the house to make sure you go in. Just in case."

The walk to the old Rigby house isn't far, but a walk has never seemed as fast at the walk tonight. In only seconds (it seems) you stand facing the door. Bill, Kim, and the others (you finally confirm your suspicions in the moonlight) stand back a few feet; you realize they are frightened after all.

The front door is covered with cobwebs and dirt; its white paint peels in flakes onto the porch. For a brief moment, a glimmer of hope rises in you. The hope is shattered as you grasp the handle; the door collapses inward with a frightening crash!

Your heart is beating so fast you can feel the throb in you neck; as you gasp for breath, you hear running feet behind you. Whirling about, you see the Shadow Flight in flight through the shadows, running for their lives. You realize that you haven't run - for better or worse, you have already proven your bravery above other members of the club.

The house certainly has decayed a lot, you think. Maybe it's not safe anymore. If you enter, perhaps it will collapse on top of you. Of course, your Flight Orders say you have to spend the night inside to join the club - and you really, really, REALLY want to join this club.

You smile as a thought pops into your head; what if you left now? Would Shadow Flight ever know? Perhaps you could go home and sleep in your own, warm, clean bed after all, but claim you spent the night in the haunted house. Since the club fled in panic, who could prove you didn't?

Play it safe and head for home.

Go home but pretend you spent the night.

Enter through the fallen door.

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