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He who angers you controls you.

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Miraculous Faith

Aim: For each child to trust Jesus with problems great and small, resulting in a joyful life

Core Competency: Joy

Objectives: The children will

  • Accept Jesus' miraculous signs and believe in Him
  • Take their troubles to Jesus, no matter how "little"
  • Allow Jesus to transform extravagant obedience into overflowing joy

Key Verse: This, the first of his miraculous signs, Jesus performed in Cana of Galilee. He thus revealed his glory, and his disciples put their faith in him. ( John 2:11 )

Story: "Jesus Turns Water into Wine " ( John 2:1-11 )

Materials Required:

  • Pitcher, Clear
  • Jars or Cups (6)
  • Glass, Wine
  • Koolaid™, Unsweetened
  • Water

Eye on Science:

Advance Preparation: Place a small amount of Koolaid™ powder in the bottom of the wine glass. Cherry powder is white and not very noticable, yet yeilds a red, wine-like color when water is added.

In Class:Tell or read the story of Punchinello and the Wemmicks by Max Lucado,from the book "Tell Me the Secrets". Discuss the meaning of the gold stars (flattery) and grey dots (putdowns), and the stickers in general (letting others' opinion of you affect your joy). Discuss Eli (Jesus, the Creator), and the point that only His opinion of us matters.

Tell the story (with appropriate scripture references to the Bible) of Jesus turning water into wine, in three parts.

  1. Mary requests help, then acts in faith (verses 1-5) - A wedding in Jesus' time was a multi-day feast. Running out of refreshments would be very embarrassing, but solving this problem isn't on the same level as healing the sick. Yet Mary takes this "little" problem to Jesus.

    Application: Do you take even your "little" problems to Jesus?

    Mary stood up for Jesus by telling the servants to obey Him

    Application: How do you stand up for Jesus in your life?

  2. Jesus orders pots filled with water, and a cup served to Toastmaster (verses 6-8) - The servants obeyed Jesus extravagantly. Discuss the meaning of obeying in this way. For example, if your mother asks you to pick up your room, and you pick up only the big things, that's half-hearted obedience. If you pick up everything from your floor and desk, vacuum and dust, polish your windows, and organize your sock drawer - that's obeying extravagantly.

    Application: Do you obey Jesus extravagantly?

  3. Toastmaster proclaims Jesus' wine the best! (verses 9-10) - Jesus changed plain, boring water into the best wine. He also wants to change your plain, boring life into the best possible life it can be.

    Application: Have you trusted Jesus to work a miracle in your life?

  4. The disciples believed in Jesus (verse 11) - This was Jesus' first miracle. Changing the water into wine was a simple, human act of compassion by a person with superhuman powers. The disciples realized that Jesus was more than a prophet, and they believed in Him as their Messiah. Over the next three years, the disciples would realize that Jesus was more than just Messiah - He was (and is) God Himself.

    Application: Have you put your faith in Jesus, too?

Like Eli in the story of the Wemmicks, Jesus is waiting for you to spend time with Him. What others think of you doesn't matter - you are special because He made you, and He makes no mistakes. He wants your life to be filled with joy, and the first step is to believe in Him and begin a life of discipleship.

Application: Have you put your trust in Jesus? What trouble, big or small, do you need to take to Him so that your life can be filled with joy?

Used: KIDZ 4/99 , KIDZ 6/02 , KIDZ 6/05

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