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Celebrating the Loophole (Communion)

Aim: To enhance the children's spirit of worship during communion

Core Competency: Worship

Objectives: The children will

  • Better understand who God is
  • Remember Jesus' sacrifice for them during communion

Key Verse: For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until He comes. ( 1 Corinthians 11:26 )

Story: "The New Covenant " ( 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, Jeremiah 31:31-34 )

Materials Required:

  • Rope, 2 meter/yard (2)
  • White Board

Eye on Science:

Quote the core compentency: "I worship God for Who He is and What He has done for me." Explain to the children that they will tell you Who God is, and they you will explain what He has done for them.

Define "attribute of God" to the children ("A word that describes Who God is.") On the white board, write "Perfect" (preferably in a unique color) and state that God has no flaws or sins, and cannot tolerate any flaws or sins in His presence. Ask the children to give you more attributes of God for you to write on the white board; reward each child offering an attribute with a small piece of candy or other favor. Continue until the board is full or each child has offered at least one attribute.

Some attributes of God for which to watch:

  • Accessible - He is available to interact with us at any time, with no intermediary
  • Awesome / Incomprehensible - He is beyond our feeble understanding
  • Creator - He made all that we experience, starting with ourselves
  • Eternal - He has no beginning and no end
  • Forgiving - He is quick to forgive those who seek His forgiveness
  • Generous - He shares the riches of heaven with those who follow Him
  • Holy - He is set apart from mankind and worthy of our praise
  • Impartial - He does not favor one over another nor consider rank or wealth
  • Infinite - He is not limited by anything or anyone
  • Invisible - He cannot be seen by human eyes
  • Jealous - He will not share our love or praise with any other
  • Just - He perfectly administers His law
  • Love - He wants the best for us regardless of our actions
  • Merciful - He does not seek to harm us despite our rebellious nature
  • Omnipotent / Almighty - He is all-powerful
  • Omnipresent - He is everywhere at one time
  • Omniscient / Wise - He knows all that can be known
  • Good / Pure - He has no flaws or defects
  • Person - He is fully human in the form of Jesus
  • Preserver - He keeps us from destruction
  • Provider - He supplies all of our needs
  • Righteous - He perfectly obeys His own law
  • Rock of Salvation - He protects us from our own folly
  • Savior - He rescues us from the fate we deserve because of our sin
  • Slow to Anger - He is patient with our failings
  • Sovereign - He creates all law and order
  • Strength - He enables us to serve Him
  • Trinity - He is three persons in one God
  • Unchanging - He is the same yesterday, today, and forever

If time permits, offer to entertain a few testimonies of how God has acted recently in the life of each child present. Emphasize the importance of thanking God and worshiping Him for His goodness and mercy.

Remind the children that God is perfect, and cannot tolerate sin. No matter how many "good works" a child does (going to church, helping a little old lady across the street), if even one sin is present in the life of that child, the child is less than perfect and completely unacceptable to God. Read Romans 3:23 and explain that every person has sinned. The situation looks hopeless.

Ask for two volunteers. Take the two ropes and tie slipknots or two half-hitches in each end (this may be done prior to class to save time). Attach one rope between the hands of each volunteer, such that the ropes overlap and join the children together (see figure). This represents our bondage to sin, which separates us from God.

Tell the volunteers they must separate themselves without removing the rope from a wrist or cutting the rope. Allow them time to try various strategies. Their efforts (hopefully energetic and increasingly frustrated) represent our efforts to win salvation by "good works". After a suitable interval (perhaps 30 seconds), provide the answer - the "loophole" that frees them from each other. Run a loop of the rope between one of the voluneer's wrists and rope and over her hand; the ropes should now be separated (see figure). This represents the "loophole" God used to free us - a sinless man (Jesus) who died for sin (though He had none) can now take the place of each of us. Remove the ropes and thank the volunteers.

Tell the children that it is the sacrifice Jesus made - His death on the cross - that we celebrate at Communion. Read 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 . Emphasize in verse 24 the phrase "which is for you" - that is, His death replaces the need for the child to die for her sins. Emphasize in verse 25 the phrase "new covenant".

Ask if the "new covenant" was a surprise to those who knew the Old Testament. Assure the children it was not. Read Jeremiah 31:31-34 . Emphasize "I will remember their sin no more" and "they shall all know me." Ask the children if God remembers their sins (if they have placed their trust in Jesus, He does not). Ask if they know God - not just know of God from Sunday School and Bible reading, but actually know Him. Counsel each child who does not (preferably with her parents present) on the plan of salvation.

Used: KIDZ 06/01

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