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Egyptian Solitaire

by George F. Rice
Here's my favorite form of traditional solitaire (normally called "Pyramid") adjusted for COMPZ Cards.

Players: 1 or 2

Object: To complete 6 COMPZ stacks of 5 cards each


  • 1 deck of COMPZ cards

Assembly and Setup:

COMPZ Cards are available from Pantego Bible Church. If you are unable to acquire a set, or just like to make your own, you can download this Adobe Portable Document Format file and print your own using laser-perforated business cards available from your local business supply store.

Setting up: Deal 15 cards in the shape of a pyramid, starting at the top (single card) and ending at the base (5 cards). The lower cards should partially cover the upper cards. See Figure. Place the remaining 15 cards face down to form a draw pile.

Rules of the Game:

One Player Version

Play: Draw one card at a time from the draw pile and place it on either of two discard piles. The drawn card may not be played until it is placed on a discard pile.

At any time, three or more cards of the same suit may be selected from the top of one or both discard piles as well as uncovered cards in the pyramid, and placed face up to form a COMPZ stack (up to a total of six COMPZ stacks, one for each suit).

Once a COMPZ stack has been started for a suit, any additional card which becomes available for play (either at the top of a discard pile or uncovered in the pyramid) which matches the suit may be added.

Winning the Game: If all six COMPZ stacks are completed with 5 cards each, you win.

Two Player Version

Two draw piles are formed, one of 7 cards and one of 8 cards. Each player controls one draw pile and one discard pile; a player must always play to his own discard pile, not to the other player’s discard pile. However, unlike the one player game, the card drawn from the draw pile may be matched to the top card of the discard pile immediately (with a third uncovered card from the pyramid) to start a new COMPZ stack.

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