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by Carol Rice and George F. Rice
"Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it." (1 Co 9:24)

You're not a typical Christian. It's not enough for you to do the Sunday church thing, a little Bible reading when nothing's good on TV, and fervent prayer before every major test.

You're COMPZ Corps material!

You're seeking a higher calling than others, determined to give 110% and keep pushing. You've got your beliefs in a row, your practices in shape, and your virtues humming.

You're gonna say with Paul, "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." (2 Ti 4:7)

Get in the Corps!

Players: 2

Object: Be first to become a fully developing follower of Christ by applying the 30 core competencies to your life.


  • 2 decks of COMPZ cards per player
  • Additional special cards (optional)

Assembly and Setup:

COMPZ Cards are available from Pantego Bible Church. If you are unable to acquire a set, or just like to make your own, you can download this Adobe Portable Document Format file and print your own using laser-perforated business cards available from your local business supply store.

If you're printing your own anyway, you'll have more fun with this game if you also download and print at least one set of Special Cards. Special cards are explained below.

One basic card deck (for 1 player) consists of 60 Core Competency cards. Five unique cards are available in each of the six suits - Beliefs, Practices and Virtues of Loving God, and Beliefs, Practices, and Virtues of Loving your Neighbor. The basic card deck contains 2 of each card, and thus 2 COMPZ decks.

If you choose to print your own cards, you'll also have the option of using selected special cards. When played, special cards temporarily change the rules in the player’s favor.

Setting Up: The area in front of each player should be arranged according to the diagram:

Stock: Facedown stack of cards from which the player draws. Each player has his own stock; his cards are never mixed with any other player’s cards.

Recycle Bin: Cards discarded here will become available again once the Stock is depleted.

Core Competency Building Areas: One to six areas holding groups of Core Competency cards. Each area holds cards from only one suit (for example, Beliefs about Loving God, or Practices for Loving Neighbor).

Graveyard: Cards discarded here are permanently removed from the game.

Hand: The player holds seven cards which form the Hand. Only cards in the Hand are available for play.

Each player shuffles his basic and Special cards together thoroughly to form the Stock, then draws seven cards to form the Hand. Youngest player goes first.

Rules of the Game:

Basic Play: The player selects one card from the Hand and plays it to the Recycle Bin, a Core Competency Building Area, or the Graveyard. At the end of his turn, enough cards are drawn from the Stock to return the Hand to seven cards. If the Stock is depleted, the Recycle Bin is turned over without shuffling to form the new Stock. If both the Stock and the Recycle Bin are empty, the Hand is simply played with the cards available.

Playing a Core Competency Card: If no sets are under construction, any Core Competency card may be played to start a new Building Area. If four Core Competency cards of the same suit are in the Hand, all four may be played simultaneously to start a new Building Area even if one or more Building Areas are in use. Otherwise, Core Competency cards may only be played on existing sets under construction. When five different cards of the same suit have been added to a Building Area, the set is complete.

Playing a Special Card: A Special card may only be played to the Recycle Bin or the Graveyard. The special rule on the card is optional, but may only be used when the card has been played to the Graveyard unless otherwise noted. Details of the Special card rules are provided in the Special Cards section.

Winning the Game: The first player to complete six sets, one of each different suit, wins the game.

Special Cards: Special cards do not form Core Competency sets (except the Scapegoat), but rather give the player a temporary advantage by changing or negating a rule. Special cards are only available when you print your own cards.

Selecting Special Cards: Each player selects Special cards to include in his deck prior to starting the game. It is not necessary that all decks have the same number of cards. All players may optionally agree to certain limits in the selection process, however - for example, "No more than 15 Special cards are permitted in the deck."

Activating Special Cards: Any Special card which is activated (that is, whose special rules are applied to the game) are considered to have been played to the Graveyard unless otherwise noted. Thus, Special cards are normally used only once in a game. It is permissible to discard a Special card to the Recycle Bin in order to use it later in the game (for example, placing Elisha to make use of the bonus plays late in the game, after the Recycle Bin has been turned over to form the new Stock).

Special Rules: The following rules apply to Special cards that existed at the time of this writing. Other Special cards may also exist.

Aaron: (See Elisha) Any two additional cards may be played from the Hand (three cards total including Aaron). Additional Elisha and Aaron cards are cumulative; thus, Elisha and Aaron together would permit the entire Hand to be played (Elisha + 3 + Aaron + 2 = 7). The Hand is replenished from the Stock after all cards have been played. (Exodus 4:15)

Canaanite Woman: Draw one card from Stock. If it is not a Core Competency card, it simply replaces Canaanite Woman in your Hand. If it is a Core Competency card, it may be played to a Core Competency Building Area. If that suit has not yet been started, you may start it (Matthew 15:28)

Chief Cupbearer: You may shuffle any one opponent’s Recycle Bin, thus foiling his carefully planned second pass through his deck (perhaps he placed Money Changers at the bottom of the Recycle Bin for a quick restart, for example). (Genesis 40:23)

Delilah: (See Samson) This card permanently deletes a second card from one opponent’s hand against whom a Samson has already been played. Otherwise it is identical to Samson. (Judges 16:6)

Dorcus: Dorcus is played to any convenient area near your normal playing surface, and acts as a permanent "extra hand". Each Dorcus has a value (such as 3 or 5) which represents the number of cards it can hold. On subsequent turns, you may play one card per turn from your Hand to Dorcus (just as if you were playing to a Core Competency Building Area or the Recycle Bin). On later turns, you may play a card from Dorcus just as if you were playing one from your hand, except that the card played from Dorcus is not replaced from Stock. Thus, Dorcus keeps extra cards available for immediate play beyond the seven in the Hand. (Acts 9:36)

Elisha: (See Aaron) Elisha is identical to Aaron except that three additional cards may be played from the Hand (four total including Elisha itself). (2 Kings 4:6)

John the Baptist: Even if a suit is already under construction, and the player has less than four cards of a different suit in the Hand, John the Baptist will prepare the way and permit a new Building Area to be opened. John the Baptist is placed in the Graveyard, and exactly one Core Competency card is played to the new Building Area. (Matthew 3:3)

Jonah: The top three cards from a designated opponent’s Stock are immediately turned over, one by one, into his Recycle Bin. (Jonah 1:17)

Joseph’s Brothers: You may select any one card from any opponent’s Core Competency Building Areas and move it to his Recycle Bin. (Genesis 37:28)

Judah: See Mary. (Genesis 44:33)

Lazarus: (see Mary) You may examine each card in your Recycle Bin and Graveyard (without affecting the order of the cards), and optionally select one to return to your Hand. The resurrected card replaces Lazarus in your Hand. (John 11:43)

Mary (also Judah): (see Lazarus) You may examine your own Recycle Bin, and optionally select one card to be swapped with Mary. That is, Mary becomes part of your Recycle Bin, and the formerly recycled card becomes part of your Hand. This is an exception to the rule stating that any Special card must be played on the Graveyard to be activated; Mary will become part of the Stock when the deck is recycled, and thus may be used more than once per game. (Like 10:42)

Money Changers: (see Paralytic) Place each remaining card in your Hand into the Recycle Bin or Graveyard, then replace the Hand from Stock. It is permissible to place some cards in the Recycle Bin and some in the Graveyard. (Matthew 21:12)

Paralytic: (see Money Changers) This card is identical to Money Changers, except that it affects the designated opponent. (Mark 2:12)

Paul: The cards in the player’s Recycle Bin may be rearranged into any order desired (typically, to put the cards needed to win near the bottom, so that when the Recycle Bin is turned over to form a new Stock, they will be on top!). (1 Corinthians 14:40)

Philistines: This card permanently deletes a third card from one opponent’s hand against whom Samson and Delilah have already been played. Otherwise it is identical to Samson.

Samson: This card permanently deletes one card from a specified opponent’s Hand; when played, the designated opponent must immediately discard one card from the Hand to the Recycle Bin or Graveyard. If a Special Card is discarded, it cannot be activated this turn. The discarded card is not replaced; thus, the opponent’s Hand will contain no more than six cards for the remainder of the game. Once played, Samson cannot be reassigned to a different player. Only one Samson may be played against any player in a game. (Judges 16:19)

Scapegoat: This card acts as a "wild card", and may be substituted for any Core Competency card. It is not necessary to specify which Core Competency card the Scapegoat will replace until the set is completed. (Leviticus 16:10)

Shield of Faith: When an opponent plays a Special card that affects you (such as Paralytic or Delilah), Shield of Faith may be played to the Graveyard immediately to cancel its effect. Opponent’s card is still placed in his Graveyard. (Ephesians 6:16)

Tychicus: You may examine either the Hand or both the Recycle Bin and Graveyard of any single opponent, then play another card from your Hand (or Dorcus). Be careful not to show your opponents cards to another player, nor to change the order of the Recycle Bin. (Ephesians 6:21)

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