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Cosmic Warfare: Privateers in Space

by George F. Rice and many friends
No one would ever doubt that he, Charles E. Blastmaster, was the greatest captain in the history of Earth. What braver act could a man perform than to penetrate to the heart of the Alien Alliance itself? Who else would dare to attack the Juggernaut, flagship of the Emperor himself? But most important, who else could win?

The glory wasn't his yet, of course. In just over three hours, an entire alien fleet would respond to the Juggernaut's cry for help. A fleet against his little privateer, Vigilante. But if he could sneak in undetected, through the sensor nets and patrols and security checkpoints, surely he could escape. What better demonstration of human superiority over the hated aliens, who had attacked earth without provocation, without warning, without mercy.

Three hours. Three hours for his mercenaries to scour the Juggernaut for information and valuables before he turned it into space dust. He hoped no one would be late. It was so hard to find motivated mercenaries these days...

Players: 1-5

Object: The object of the game is to fight through an alien spacecraft, looting as many treasures as possible, and to return to the docking bay within three hours. In competitive play, the player with the most loot wins. In cooperative play, the players compete against Earth quotas for fame, recognition, and promotions. "Cosmic Warfare: Privateers in Space" is a board game that plays like a roleplaying game.


Assembly and Setup:

This is a game invented by several roommates and me, and playtested over a period of twenty-something years. It's not difficult to construct, and has the advantage of all players working together toward a common goal (if you want) without sacrificing a level of competition. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

  1. Load and print the following files using the free Adobe Portable Document Format reader software (available from http://www.adobe.com). A black-and-white laser printer is acceptable, although a color printer will enhance the look of Geomorphs.pdf.

    Printing the cards will accelerate gameplay, but are somewhat more trouble to print that the tables. The game can be played with either.

    To print the cards, buy two packages of Domtar Business Cards (3 1/2" x 2", 250 cards per package, laser perforated) or equivalent. Light red is suggested for Alien_Cards.pdf, light green for Treasure_Cards.pdf. Each file contains 216 card images, 10 per page. Once printed, separate and assemble into two stacks, Aliens and Treasures.

    A correctly printed set using commercial decorated business paper (for cards and manual pages), ready for separating the cards and cutting out the geomorphs, is shown in the photo at right (click for larger photo).

  2. Cut out the geomorphs and other figures from Geomorphs.pdf and glue to posterboard or cardboard. You should then have 21 independent geomorphs which can be laid side-by-side to produce an almost unlimited number of gameboards. You should also have 8 character markers, a timecard with 3 time markers, 18 pairs of Alien indicators, and 96 each of red, yellow, and green markers.

Rules of the Game:

The rules are too involved to adequately explain here. Read the rulebook and get started. The sample game in section 12 may prove useful when first playing the game. If you have questions or need help, or have ideas for improvements, just contact me.

Character images are Copyright 1997 by T/Maker Company. Used under license.

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