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Quotes I Like*

"I think not," said Descartes; and promptly disappeared.

*Your mileage may vary. Some quotes are puns, or require historical or technical literacy to appreciate. If you miss the humor, please re-read the Internet and then try again.


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Carnival provides many fun activities while on-board their cruises, but we skipped a few. For example, the hairy chest contest offers some great prizes, and I could have won easily (ahem), but Janet took surprising exception to having beautiful young girls in bikinis run their fingers though my chest hair while I scream like Tarzan. Well, sorry to leave that image burned in your brain...

At this point, I might complain that during one of the events in the Americana Lounge, the audience was invited to drop slips of paper with their cabin number into a jar on-stage to win a prize of some sort. A pretty young girl to whom God had been most generous, wearing a bikini produced during the recent cloth shortage and a very thin cover up, walked in front of us to reach the stage, and (naturally) I turned my head and pretended to be fascinated by the sound equipment on the far wall (insert your favorite Engineer joke here). Once she was safely past, I turned back around - to a glare and a punch from Janet, who objected, "You didn't even look!" After 20 years, you'd think I would have learned when I'm supposed to look and when I'm not.

In any event, when not participating in the various activities such as husband punching, we played dominos (hi, Pam from Florida! ;-) and read (and in Elizabeth's case, wrote).

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