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Quotes I Like*

He who angers you controls you.

*Your mileage may vary. Some quotes are puns, or require historical or technical literacy to appreciate. If you miss the humor, please re-read the Internet and then try again.


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More About This Website

Dr. George's Science Web is 100% kid-safe, pro-Christian and pro-Free Software. Read more about DGSW here.

About Jesus Christ

God is eternal, having no beginning or end. He created all that science seeks to understand (as well as all that science cannot begin to understand). Of principal interest to us is that God created man.

In His wisdom, God gave man free will - the freedom to choose right or wrong, to worship Him or to reject Him. Man choose to reject God, resulting in the world of sorrow and death we know today.

Because God is holy (without sin), and every man and woman has rejected God (sinned), man is separated from God (dead spiritually). No matter how many good things we do now, we can never erase our past sin and become holy.

Because God loves us despite our sin, God solved this problem by living on earth as the man Jesus Christ. During His life He did not sin even once; He then willingly died as a substitute for the punishment we deserve.

A gift becomes yours only when you receive it; similarly, we receive forgiveness from God only when we accept the gift of Jesus Christ. This decision signals the start of a new life of service to God on earth and an eternity with God in heaven.

For more information on receiving the gift of Jesus, click here.

About the author

George F. Rice was born and raised in Mississippi by devoted Christian parents, accepting God's gift of forgiveness on January 17, 1970. He is not a medical doctor or an academic ("Dr. George" is merely a stage name), but rather an electrical engineer with a major aerospace corporation. His hobbies include guitar, Linux computers, tae kwan do, and sharing Bible truths with children. He lives with his beautiful wife Janet and three children in Texas.

About Dr. George

In 1997, Pantego Bible Church established an elementary church program with a television theme. To augment the wide variety of talented special guests and ensure continuity and solid Bible teaching, "Dr. George" became a regular character modeled loosely but consciously on PBS's "Bill Nye the Science Guy". The character uses science experiments to illustrate Bible applications.

After many requests for lesson plan copies from a number of friends and associates, and the decision of a major curriculum publisher not to publish the material commercially, the drgeorge.org domain was reserved in 2000 to serve as a distribution point. Even prior to the "Grand Opening" in fall 2002, the site was receiving several thousand hits per month with no advertising effort at all.

May the Lord Jesus Christ receive all praise and glory.

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