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Quotes I Like*

He who angers you controls you.

*Your mileage may vary. Some quotes are puns, or require historical or technical literacy to appreciate. If you miss the humor, please re-read the Internet and then try again.


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More About This Website

Dr. George's Science Web is 100% kid-safe, pro-Christian and pro-Free Software. Read more about DGSW here.

Lesson Plans

The material in this section is intended for your use in more effectively teaching children the truthes found in the Holy Bible. If you accomplish that goal, the effort put into this site will have been well worth it. Any financial contributions you wish to make should be directed to your local church.

This section contains complete instructions for science experiments that may be used to reinforce Bible training. These are not complete lesson plans, rather they form a solid starting point for preparing a complete lesson plan tailored to your class (something that no one else can do for you). A few of the lessons include links to lesson plans completed for one of my classes, which you may find of value in learning to create your own.

The number of lesson ideas available here is expected to grow by a minimum of one per week, so please check back often. Your feedback for improvements and new ideas are always welcome!

Each lesson plan consists of the following sections:

  • Aim - The purpose to be achieved by this lesson.
  • Core Competency - A set of 10 beliefs, 10 practices and 10 virtues considered essential to success as a developing follower of Christ (see the Resources section at Pantego Bible Church).
  • Objectives - One to four changes that should be evident in the life of each child who participates in this lesson.
  • Key Verse - A single verse from the Bible that summarizes the main thought of the lesson, suitable for use as a memory verse. All verse references on this site are hyperlinked to the New King James Version of the Bible at Crosswalk.com.
  • Story - A Bible story that relates to or reinforces the Aim of the lesson. Although not always referenced in Eye on Science, the Story is suitable for reading directly from the Bible or telling in your own words (always while holding a Bible, to emphasize that the story is "true" and not "made up").
  • Materials Required - A list of materials needed to perform the science experiment described in Eye on Science.
  • Lesson Plan - If available, this link will take you to a complete lesson plan prepared for one of my classes.
  • Eye on Science - The actual lesson to be taught to the children in your own words. Sometimes this will include an "Advance Preparation" subsection (for actions to be completed prior to class) and / or a "Notes" subsection (for suggestions for effective presentation or potential "gotchas" to avoid).

May God richly reward your efforts to effectively teach His children.

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